Mortgages and How They Work

While driving along a highway, you spot a family relaxing along a yard while the sun slowly sets on the horizon view. Just like from the commercials, you then think of your own family and that apartment with a window facing the wall. You then ask yourself the question, “Is it a good time to buy our own house?”

Everyone wants to buy their own home. Everyone wants to own one. With all the hard work we put in, we deserve to be able to buy our own home. With the help of a mortgage, buying your own home has become so affordable that it’s just like buying a new car.


Mortgages are loans that are being granted by banks and other financial institutions who act as the lender to a person or business who are actually borrowing the money. The process of a mortgage will allow the lender to pay the purchase price of the property on behalf of the borrower. The borrower in turn will pay off the debt through an amortization schedule. This amortization schedule will include the principal amount, interest payments, and other finance charges that may have been included in the amortizations.

This type of loan often entails a long term period that will need to have consistent payments. The longer the term, the lower the amortization result can be.

Secured Loan

As clearly stated, a mortgage is a form of loan that is secured in nature. The lender who grants the money to a person or business puts a lien to the property that is being purchased. When the person or business borrower makes a default in payment, the entire amount outstanding becomes due. If the borrower continues to miss and makes a default with their amortization, the borrower puts the property on lien to be sold for collection purposes.

If the lien is the option made, the borrower can always sell the property on lien and collect the outstanding balance. This in turn will create a fund for the property and allow the borrower to purchase the property.